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A new start for an old business

Americus- From 280 West in Americus, you can see the flag waving proudly above new territory, Sport's Page Bar and Grill.

 "We built it ourselves. We designed it off of a piece of notebook paper that I drew," says owner Bill Brown. Brown is no stranger to the design of business. This is a reincarnation of old times, a second coming of sorts.

"Ten years ago I had a Sport's Page and it got messed up so we closed and we came back ten years later," says Brown. A decade ago, he was forced to close down. He says new business in the area washed away his establishment of five years.

He says, "Walmart flooded the property three times. They sent mud and water when they built the establishment." Smelly walls and drenched floors drove Brown to sell but over the years he's taken the steps to rebuild a successful business.

"The young folks kept wanting me to open up another place so I figured I would and I told them I would and it's been ten years and we're back and we're awesome," says Brown. And old customers are back to celebrate the new birth. Howard Helms was there when the original closed.

He says, "It was pretty good, it was great. I had a lot of good times." And now this is his first time back but the year's haven't changed a single thing. "Just like old times and we're looking for, shooting for better things in the future."

"It's a real relaxed atmosphere. We want people to come out and enjoy," says Brown. Because the road to rebuilding was tough but now the bar is back in business.

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