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Gas prices can hit you away from the pump

Albany - Gas prices are shocking drivers across the country. The average price for regular is up to about $1.97 a gallon nationwide. In Albany, you'll pay between $1.85 and $1.90 a gallon for unleaded, and gas costs are expected to go even higher by summer. If that happens, you'll likely seeing higher prices for goods and services too.

Filling up your car can empty your wallet fast. "It went up four cents since when I came by this morning," said one Albany driver.

Gas prices are going up almost daily. The reason - in the past two weeks crude oil costs rose more than $5.00 to $53.00 a barrel. That's brought the average price of all three grades to about $2.00 a gallon nationwide.

Jeremy Breedlove is already spending about $400 a month on gas to run his business, Southern Lawn Care. "It's one of the largest expenses, outside equipment, that we incur. The vehicles to tow the equipment, the mowers, weed eaters, edgers, blowers. They all require gasoline."

Breedlove says if gasoline reaches above $2.00 a gallon this summer, he'll have to go up on his prices too. "Probably a small price increase of 10% to 15% or something on those lines. My customers are not going to like that what-so-ever."

As a customer, you'll pay more for everything from lawn care to groceries to deliveries if companies are forced to up prices to cover gas. So you'll feel the pinch of high fuel prices long after you fill up your tank.

Beside crude oil prices, other factors causing gas costs to rise are an increase demand during the travel season and a proposed law that requires gas reformulation in order to reduce smog.

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