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South Georgian's career boosted by "Georgia Works"

Albany -- Getting people off unemployment and into good jobs is a constant need in Southwest Georgia. A state program that provides employees on a trial basis to businesses is showing good results.

A little over a year ago Albany's Becky Short was having a hard time finding a job. Becky Short said "I was not getting any interviews. I don't know why, but it was dead end."

Through the Georgia Works Program, Short was sent to Custom Sound for a trial period. Short said "The only thing I really knew was how to install a CD player. I didn't know anything about the new stuff, about how they do the amps."

 Now a year later, Becky knows car stereo and electronics, and is the first salesperson to greet customers. Manager Ed Byers said "If you don't have somebody good sitting behind the counter when a customer walks through the door, it is pointless to even open your doors."

The Department of Labor says Georgia Works has shown great results connecting people seeking work with employers, by giving the business up to 8 weeks to check out and train the employee, with no strings attached. Short said "If you don't work out, the company doesn't lose anything. But I think my first day, Jay wanted to hire me."

 In Becky Short's case, it has been a good fit. She has learned electronics sales, and hopes to be a manager soon. Custom Sound got a valued employee.

And Georgia has another productive citizen who no longer needs unemployment help. In the last year the Albany Department of Labor has found 67 people full time jobs through Georgia Works.

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