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Gas prices rising....again

Albany- The increases are being blamed on rising oil prices and pending warmer weather but many are wondering why they have to foot the bill time and time again.

Drive around town, especially on the weekends and you'll see a good amount of automobiles on the road. But along with increased traffic the price of gas is steadily rising.

"When i first bought this car, it only cost 18 dollars and that was why I went down because at first I had a large SUV," says consumer Kathy Muggridge. Even though smaller cars typically mean smaller bills at the pump, those bills could be higher in a few weeks. Gasoline prices are set to balloon another twenty-five cents per gallon.

"Oh my goodness, my husband has four vans and he's going to be in a mess," says Albany resident Connie Watts. "I dont understand that whatsoever," says Ronald Harris. "It's going to put a hurt on the people that need gas like the truckers. The farmers are going to have to pay more for diesel fuel to irrigate their farms."

The high prices at the pump are wearing down on consumer's pockets and it's a constant reminder every time they start up their engines. "Right now my gas probably is about 150 dollars a month so if gas prices continue, I may have to move," says constant commuter Carolyn Cook.

A local gas station's current price is 1.81 per gallon, up ten cents from just Friday and after four more days, they'll be going up again. "Basically I think we need to do something about it because it's gonna go up probably about two dollars or more," says SUV driver Richard Cuff.

A hefty price that drivers feel may have them thinking twice about hitting the road. "It will definitely have to curtail the way I drive when gas prices get like that because I will be more conscientious about where I go," says Muggridge.

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