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Students headed on the right path

Albany- Educational leaders are heading local students in the right direction. "We hope to prepare healthier youth for tomorrow's challenges, healthier in mind, in body, in spirit and information to make good choices for the future," says Albany Jack and Jill President Judith Corbett.

And students are getting an early glimpse into their futures by setting foot on the right path. "I really planned to learn something today about what would affect my life and the ways I lived, and I really enjoyed taking these sessions today," says student Candera King.

Albany State University and the Albany chapter of Jack and Jill teamed up to give area youth a forum covering every aspect from finances and health to higher education.

"This is a very important day for the Albany community and a very important day for Albany State as we extend our outreach efforts into the community to address many important issues," says Dr. Teresa Orok, Planning and Outreach Albany State. Issues affecting not only young students generally but specifically the young African-American male.

Student Lloyd Brown says, "I wanna go to college and get a degree in computer technology." That's a statement that leaders would like to hear more from young males. Statistics show that in Georgia colleges, women outnumber men by more than 2-to-1 in African-American enrollment but the forum is giving organizers an early start to get them prepared.

"There are so many barriers that confront our African American males and that drive them to so many other things," says Dr. Orok. But today they're here for guidance, "because it helps, you learn by other people teaching you what they know and their experiences what they been through," says Brown.

And these teachers don't mind giving tomorrow's leaders key messages that will help them move into their futures. "This is important work and we have to begin at such an early age," says Dr. Orok.

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