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Citizens petition for mayor's recall

Broxton- The Concerned Citizens of Broxton, a group that includes two members of the city council, presented evidence to a Coffee County judge that showed Mayor James Robert Reynolds was running his personal business out of city hall and had purchased a car without the council's authorization. The mayor himself admitted to some of the claims.

Broxton city council chairman James Threat says he owes it to his constituents to do the right thing.

"As I went into politics, I promised them I would do everything I can for the betterment of the city, and they put their trust in me," Threat says.

He began circulating a petition to get Mayor James Robert Reynolds recalled last summer. Reynolds challenged it, and in February a Coffee County judge ruled that there are reasonable grounds to believe that the facts in the petition support several of the statutory grounds for recall.

"We filed four complaints against him, which he did admit to everything we had him charged for," Threat says.

According to the court order, Mayor Reynolds even admitted to running his insurance business out of city hall which included taking payments. He also said that he used city hall's telephone number as his own business contact number.

In a phone conversation Friday, Reynolds admitted that he'd taken phone calls at city hall for his insurance business. His daughter, Tracy Lott, who is the city clerk, also admitted handling insurance business at city hall.

Threat also had evidence that the mayor purchased a vehicle for his own personal use in the city's name and according to the court order, Reynolds acknowledged that he sold health insurance for city employees to the City of Broxton after no other quotes were offered to the city council and even received a commission for it.

"We're asking everyone that would to sign the petition so we can go ahead and get this settled because in the near future there's no telling how much money the city of Broxton will lose," Threat says.

"To find out these issues, yes I was disappointed and that's why I whole-heartedly support the recall," says Wallace Schley.

Schley is a former city councilman and now a strong proponent of the recall. He says it's not a personal attack on Reynolds it's about holding him accountable.

"This is not a case where there's tension between councilmen Threat and Wilkerson and the mayor that's not the case," Schley says.

The group has also sent a letter to Governor Sonny Perdue asking him to look into the allegations of misconduct and malfeasance by Mayor Reynolds. The letter also requests that the state initiate an audit of city finances.

Over the next three weeks, Threat will try to get at least 211 signatures on the petition. That's 30% of the active registered voters he'll need for the Secretary of State to authorize a recall election.

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