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Ten Commandments taken out of Government buildings?

Albany - "The Gospel. The word of God. The Ten Commandments. Any portion of the word is good," says Barber Shop owner Bob Prince. He makes no apologies for his faith in God, but he finds it sad, that others want to take the evidence of his faith away.

Prince says, "They don't have God in their life and as a result they want to take him out of everybody's life too." But he hopes the Supreme Court will stop short of removing the Ten Commandments from government property.

Prince says, "It's really a sad day that they're even having to consider that, but I certainly hope that they've got backbone enough to say they ought to be there."

One place they'll stay for sure? Albany's Northside Barbershop, because they can't force Prince to remove them from his business, yet, and he hopes they won't force their removal from any building. He says, "I hope to see the Supreme Court rule unanimously the the Ten Commandments not only are allowed, but should be in every public building, and anywhere anybody wants to display them, they're welcomed to be displayed."

A decision on the constitutionality of the Ten Commandments in public buildings is expected by the end of June.

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