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Students simulate alcohol-related crash

Tifton- In the middle of the Abraham Baldwin Campus students simulated a head-on collision with multiple victims, some who did not survive the impact.

"It was scary because you actually think that at any time your life can just be taken. It showed me the light," says William Herringdine, who portrayed one of the fatality victims.

Herringdine and the rest of the student group BACCHUS teamed up with the Governor's Office of Highway Safety to conduct a mock wreck caused by a drunk driver.

"Students are going off for spring break and we just want to get them aware of not drinking and driving because this can actually happen to them. We don't want this to happen to anybody," says Herringdine.

"We wanted it to be really in your face so the students would think twice," says Dean of Students Bernice Hughes.

Think twice, be smart enough not to drink and drive, and avoid the risk fatal consequences.

"I don't like going to the funerals shaking hands of the parents and telling them I'm sorry when something could have been done, even one little handout, something they could have done to avoid what happened," Hughes says.

Students say the no-nonsense approach really hit home.

"It's kind of disturbing because it really happens all the time, and kind of makes it a little more real," says freshman Melissa Felts.

The mock wreck is just one of a list of activities the student group will be hosting for alcohol awareness week. Next week, ABAC students will be on spring break.

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