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Lee County installs smoke alarms

Lee County -- The Lee County Fire Department wants every home in Lee County to have working smoke alarms. So much so, Firefighters will come to your home and install them for free.

 Firefighter Ronnie Garrett has installed close to 700 smoke alarms in Lee County homes. Free. Garrett said "They have ten year batteries in them. You don't have to worry about changing a battery every year or whatever."

 And he wants to install them in every home in the county. "they do make a difference. They give you enough warning that you can get out of your house, and they do save lives."

If your smoke alarm is more than 8 to ten years old, Garrett wants to replace those, because the photo electric cell may not work correctly. "A lot of time these cells will go bad, or they get dust or dirty, and they won't pick up the smoke."

The free smoke alarms are paid for by a state grant from the Health and Injury Division, to reduce the average 120 fire deaths a year in Georgia. Garrett said "Modern times, and you are still having the same problem reoccurring. We are trying to solve the problem with."

Garrett will also help you establish a fire escape plan for your home.

If you live in Lee County and need the free smoke alarm installation, call the Fire Department at 759-6090.

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