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9-11 Firefighter gives training

Albany -- A former New York city firefighter, who survived the September 11th terrorist attacks, now trains other firefighters on new technology.

He was in one Tower, of the World Trade Centers just before it's collapse. Raul Muniz was a covering officer for Truck 172 of the New York City fire department, September 11th, 2001. Muniz said "I was actually in the towers. I was ordered out of the towers moments before the collapse."

Muniz says it is only by the grace of God that he survived, while hundreds of his fellow firefighters were killed. "I did lose some very close comrades, people that I had known for over 25 years."

Muniz stayed on after 9-11, helping rebuild the fire department. "A lot of us who could have retired sooner, stuck around longer, got the New York City back to strength, and now we can go on with our lives."

Muniz now works for Bullard, a company that makes a thermal imaging camera, training firefighters to use it. Muniz says he often retells his story of 9-11 to firefighters across the country.

Muniz worked more than 25 years for the New York City fire department. He said his unit answered 4 to 6 thousand fire calls a year. That is close to double the calls the entire Albany Fire Department makes per year.

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