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Allergy season in full swing

Valdosta - It's that time of year again. Like clockwork, when the outdoors start blooming, Cori Tillman gets sick. "Runny nose, I can't hear, and you can tell with all the pollen in the air, I'm very congested," said Tillman.

Like many South Georgians, she's suffering from allergies. "It's very annoying because with the people I interact with during my job, I don't want them to think I'm sick and try to stay away from me," said Tillman.

Dr. Ted Kanne's office is packed with patients like Cori, hoping to find some relief from the itchy eyes and congestion. The culprit behind their symptoms is pollen. "Right now the trees seem to be blooming but it won't be long before the grass and flowers and other things that produce pollen will be real high," said Dr. Kanne.

It's covering our cars, falling from the trees, and making us sick. Unfortunately, as spring time moves in, it's only going to get worse. "It's just starting to rev up," said Dr. Kanne.

Dr. Kanne is steadily writing prescriptions for allergy sufferers but if you're not lucky enough to get a doctors appointment anytime soon, there are some over the counter medications that can help. "Antihistamines in particular, also saltwater is available in a variety of different brands over the counter," said Dr. Kanne.

That should bring some relief until the pollen count subsides, which Dr. Kanne says could take a few more months.

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