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College soon to be become smoke-free

Albany- Smoke filled rooms could soon be illegal in Georgia. The state House is now considering a bill that passed the Senate. It would prohibit smoking in almost all public buildings.

At Darton College, they're about to extinguish smoking outside too. "I think it's great for Darton College and for other businesses here in town. It'll make people's healths a lot better," says student Jeff Swords.

Beginning May 23rd, smoking will be banned everywhere on Darton's campus. "I'm kinda neutral with it," says smoker Gary Crull. "I don't really see it as a problem. If people really want to smoke they can just go off campus. I mean it's not hard."

Most see it as a way to better the school's environment and make people healthier. "People who are around smoke sometimes even with people who have asthma, it would be a lot better for them," says Swords. Students like Steven Thompson. He says the new rule will be a breath of fresh air. "A lot of people I feel just don't recognize the hazards and everything and me personally I have asthma, and I don't like smelling it," says Thompson.

A health concern that even campus smokers empathize with. "I can see how it like affects people, second-hand and everything," says Crull. And for the benefit of the school, most are willing to put out the smoke.

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