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Spend a year in Iraq if the money's right?

Albany-- Would you go to Iraq and work for a year, if the money was right? A lot of people came to town Tuesday to apply for high-paying jobs in the Middle East.

Holly Humphries of Albany is seriously checking the jobs with KBR. "Oh, I'd go. As soon as they sent me, I'd go."

Humphries and her fiance both interviewed with the division of Haliburton about overseas jobs, many of them in Iraq. The draw, big money.

KBR Senior Recruiter Steve Oler said, "Most people make up to $80,000 tax free."

People from across Georgia and Florida came to hear about the overseas jobs. "Things a man will do to pay his bills and take care of his family."

Electrician Chris Fluharty of Jacksonville says he will go if hired, despite the danger. "Sometimes you got to take a chance for the better."

KBR needs everything from mechanics to common laborers to support the military in the Middle East. Living on a military base in tents, working 12-hour shifts, seven days a week, in what KBR terms a hostile enviornment.

Oler said, "Some of the camps would take random gunshots and mortar rounds. But we also tell them that there is an opportunity for them to make some money. They have to make that choice, that decision."

Good pay for workers to do a job in a dangerous area. Humphries said, "Worth the risk. Is it worth the risk? It is to me."

Many of the people came to the interviews determined. Fluharty said, "Pretty committed to go, if I can get there."

To take a job in one of the most dangerous places in the world, looking for a big payoff.

KBR needs 300 to 500 new workers a week to head overseas. 100 people interviewed in Columbus yesterday. KBR will hold job fairs in Macon Wednesday, Warner Robins Thursday, and Jonesboro Friday.

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