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Residents address neighborhood eyesores

Albany-  Messes are becoming an all too common sight around Albany. "It's a huge concern, devastating in some areas," says Commissioner Jon Howard. Commissioner Jon Howard is on the Mayor's community task force and he gets a tremendous number of complaints about one thing.

"One of the main concerns or calls that we receive is that sometimes the next door neighbor just would just throw trash and debris out," says Howard. "People with their trash, when it's dumped over, it's just left in the yards and blows all over the neighborhood, a lot of people not maintaining their grass, cutting the hedges and things like that," says area resident Vanessa Hill.

Vanessa Hill is concerned about the rubbish she says is ruining some neighborhoods. "To drive in your neighborhood and it looks like a slumlord, it's sort of discouraging," says Hill. She and some neighbors formed a committee to find out the problems and come up with solutions. "We have contacted code enforcement and other agencies to pretty much advise us what our rights were as far as homeowners," says Hill.

That's one of the first steps to creating more attractive neighborhoods, contacting local agencies to alert them to area eyesores for spot checks. This may ultimately lead to a citation. "We have a lot of citations in all because what we try to do is educate the public that when you have junk vehicles and trash in your neighborhood, it really will destroy your community overnight," says Howard.

The people here want to prevent that by changing people's attitudes and making a cleaner and safer environment for everyone. Commissioner Howard says, "If they don't take an interest in the community, who will take an interest in the community?"

"I think once people are aware that they can actually make a difference by addressing the situations in their neighborhood that more people come together make a stand for what they need to make a stand," says Hill.

They're taking a stand for their neighborhood, making a change for the better, one street at a time.

If there's an eyesore in your area like trash, dilapidated structures or junk automobiles you should call your local commissioner or code enforcement.

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