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Businesses want a leg up

Albany-- Some Albany businesses are once again asking leaders to give them a leg up on out-of-town competition.

Ford Town of Albany sells dozens of vehicles a year to the city and county. Monday, the dealer lost a bid for a county vehicle to out-of-town competition because Ford Town's bid was $50.00 higher.

Last year, the city awarded a half-million dollar contract for 16 new police cars to a dealership in Athens who beat Ford Town of Albany by only $80.00.

Ford Town asked county commissioners for a 1% local preference policy.  "We're paying taxes here and I believe in giving the benefit of the doubt to those who pay taxes here," said Harry Prisant of Ford Town of Albany. "It also sends a good message to local vendors and merchants that they're on our side."

Commissioners did accept Ford Town bid for six other vehicles, the bid was just $2.65 more than the lowest bidder.

Commissioners were split on whether to consider a local preference. Some said it could keep out-of-town companies from bidding on work and goods and allow local companies to up the prices.

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