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Family home a total loss

Thomasville- A family's home was destroyed early Monday morning in a fire.

The awakening Maerosa Kerbo received around 1:00 A.M. was one she says she wouldn't wish upon anybody. "I didn't see anything but pure, dark smoke. And that's when I took out running," she says.

As Kerbo rushed from her yard back into the flames, there was only one thing on her mind, and she was relentless. "God knows, my children, get them out. That's all. My grandchildren. Just get them out," says Kerbo.

Fortunately, all 13 people inside the mobile home did make it out safely. And just in the nick of time. "When I came out, that's when the whole house whooshed up," says Kerbo.

By the time the fire department got there, the home was engulfed in flames. But then they had to call for backup. "One truck didn't have enough water in it. So they had to get the other truck and come back with the water," says Kerbo.

"It kept flaming back up, and they kept trying to put it out. It took em a good while to put the fire out," adds her neighbor, Robyn Wright.

Four hours later, the flames were out. While nobody was hurt, the family will have to start all over again. "Our home, we ain't got nowhere else to stay. Where we gonna stay?" wondered Kerbo.

The Red Cross is helping the family. The fire department says it's not uncommon to ask for additional water supplies in fires as significant as this.

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