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Paramedics of the year saluted

Albany-- Last year, dozens of lives were saved by Dougherty County paramedics. Monday, two of those paramedics were honored for their hard work.

County commissioners applauded Sam Allen and Jack Howard, the 2004 EMS Crew of the Year.

Director Bobby Tripp says he chose Allen and Howard not only because of their work to save lives, but also because they make emergency services more efficient.

"They take care of our radios, computers, medical equipemnt, audio/visual equipment. Anything that needs to be done, they can do it," said EMS Director Bobby Tripp.

"Ocassionally, a patient comes back and thanks you," said Paramedic Sam Allen. "That's great, but to be honored by your peers is also wonderful."

Dougherty EMS responded to more than 17,000 calls last year, that's 1,000 more than in 2003.

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