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Flu outbreak claims eleven lives

Nashville- In less than one week, eleven people have died of flu-related causes in Berrien County Hospital Once the outbreak began at the Berrian County nursing home, several patients were transferred into the adjoining hospital. Since Tuesday, eleven elderly patients have died due to flu related symptoms, making this the area's biggest flu outbreak in two years.

All nursing home residents who qualified for a flu shot had received one, but close-knit living space and long-term health problems are blamed for the quick spread of the flu in the nursing home. Officials are doing what they can to isolate the disease, and prevent future outbreaks.

"What we try to do is what we do in any case when we have any type of respiratory illness that could be spread through the air or hand contact. We're going to keep the people that show any signs of symptoms isolated from the rest of the community and that's what we're trying to do on the hospital side and the nursing home side," says Director of Nursing Darren Pearce.

He says that the hospital's emergency room has seen twice as many patients this week, and half of those have been flu-related. State health officials say this outbreak shows exactly howunpredictable and easily transmissible influenza can be.

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