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Area youth feel the pain of hunger

Albany- Some area youth are praying for strength. "We're fasting for 30 hours in hopes that we can raise money for the city of Kenya in Africa," says Youth Outreach Manager Robin Smith. They're praying for the strength to be selfless and to learn the true meaning of sacrifice.

"I just feel like I should give back because someone did it for me," says youth volunteer Haywood Foggy. The World Vision 30 hour famine raises awareness and money to fight hunger. This weekend, these kids are going without food to learn for 30 hours what more than one million children in Kenya go through on a daily basis. Youth Outreach worker John Watson says, "A lot of our youth are more sacrificial than the adults are. They jump for it. They jump and say o.k., I'll do it, I'll do it. They're ready to help."

He's seen first-hand the reality of poverty-stricken countries. "You see garbage heaps the size of buildings, school buildings here in Albany and all I could do was cry." And he's showing these children the reality of being poor and hungry through the eyes of those affected. For some, the reality hit close to home. "I felt bad feeling that I had everything here and knowing they didn't have everything we had," says student volunteer Shevren Katon.

"It makes me feel wonderful inside to know that there are some youth out there that still care about other countries other than themselves and other than what's happening here in the United States," says Smith.

They're playing their part locally to help those less fortunate overseas and knowing that is enough to fulfill their hunger.

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