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Downtown entertainment grows

Albany- It's music to downtown merchants ears and they're hoping that the people of Southwest Georgia are hearing it too, enough that it brings them to downtown Albany.

"If we just got 'em back down here to see it then they're going to come back, they're going to tell their friends they're going to tell their family, and that has really worked," said Phil Cannon, Albany merchant association.

On Friday night at the state theater, several country, southern rock type bands performed, while at Harvest Moon, it was more of a young rock feel. Merchants want to offer a variety.

"Trying to draw from all different kinds of crowds, young, old, rock, country, anything and everything that what we're aiming for," said Bo Henry, owner of Harvest Moon.

Their efforts seem to be working.

"My parents go to the state, I'm going to the state, it's a lot of fun I'm glad Albany's got something going on downtown for a change," said Kelly Clay, an Albany resident.

"There's usually not too much going on, but here lately they opened the state theater and there's been concerts and stuff to go to so, we definitely enjoy going down there," said Candace Watson, an Albany resident and concert fan.

And more businesses staying open later, the Brown Bean Coffee has extended their weekend hours. Several new businesses are also coming on, San Joe's Mexican grill plans to open the first week of March. Downtown traffic is beginning to pick up.

"When you started something, three and a half years ago and you put time and energy and love in to it to see it fulfilled makes you feel really good," said Cannon.

The downtown merchants hope that the good time people have in downtown Albany brings them back, time and time again.

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