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Business students take the next step

Thomasville- Dozens of high school business students are participating in an annual program hosted by Southwest Georgia Technical College that focuses on leadership skills.

     More than 100 high school students belonging to the future business leaders of America club were there Friday. The program is hosted by Southwest Georgia Technical College's business fraternity. Phi Beta Lambda advisor Patricia Christian says the college has taken the high schoolers under its wing to further them, even at such a young age. "It will teach them time management schools, it will teach them and help them when they do secure positions to have good work ethic skills," says Christian.

     These students are mature beyond their years. Even the high school freshmen who attended know they have an uphill battle ahead of them. "Whew, it's a lot of pressure. But as long as you do it and don't let other people down, you'll be a good leader," says Billy Gerber. "

     The eager looks and the attentive stares reflect that these kids aren't scared of what's ahead. Even educational consultant Chansidy Daniels noticed that during her speech. "I saw the ah-ha moment," she says. That's a true testimony from both her and the students who took home a new grasp of leadership skills. "They thought it was just inspirational," says Gerber.

     The college stresses it's so important to reach these kids at a young age because that's when learning how to manage others and delegate starts.

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