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Lee County chase leads to drug bust

Lee County- An early morning high speed chase turned into a drug bust for Lee County deputies.

Dashboard camera footage from Captain Lyle Mathis' car shows Lt. Jim Wright following a vehicle that ran a red light on U.S. 19 at 75 miles per hour.

The deputies followed the driver all the way to Creekside drive, where he wrecked.

"We had to back off a pretty good bit to keep from wrecking ourselves, so we were pretty sure, pretty confident he was going to wreck, given his manner of driving. He was all over the road," Mathis said.

The deputies caught the driver on foot. They say Byron Hamilton, 23, was under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

They confiscated almost a pound of marijuana, seven grams of cocaine, more than 450 dollars and the supplies needed to sell the drugs.

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