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H.S. education trickles down to preschool

Thomasville- From cover-to-cover, Thomasville High School students are creating books they'll read and then give to preschoolers.

     With painstaking effort and skill the teenagers are putting themselves heart and mind into creating the children's books. "Now we're illustrating them. And we're going to read them to preschoolers," says senior Trey Mims.

     But the project is even more complex than the illustrations and stories it reflects. Visiting Artist-in-Residence Sally Shovar says she's covering as many bases as possible with both age groups. "I'm trying to teach practical skills, skills that apply in the real world, as well as what's individual about each of the kids," she says.

     Even through all of the paint and ink, those are lessons the high schoolers feel are something they absolutely need to pass down to the younger kids. "Hopefully more than just showing them the books, we can show them the art. Because that's what's really important," says junior Frances Lilly.

     The students say a project a month in the making is a tedious process, but when it's all over and done with there's a feeling of accomplishment across the board. "It's good being able to help a little kid, and to be able to show them more than what they're used to," says Mims.

     The project was paid for with a grant from the Georgia Council of the Arts. The high schoolers even had to take personality tests to see what type of books they're best suited for.

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