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NAACP claims superintendent was forced out

Americus-The Americus and Sumter County High schools may have been able to unite, but it seems the school board that merged the two cannot.

"We of the NAACP will not accept this. We will protest. We will do everything we can to disrupt this situation," says NAACP president John Marshall.

Marshall says the white members of the Sumter County school board have given superintendent Franklin Perry a hard time for years.

Perry would not comment, but in his resignation letter he says: For three years I have worked to honestly and diligently to unite the Board to work toward common goals. Unfortunately, this effort has not been successful. Therefore, I am taking this step at this time....

In a December vote that was split along racial lines the board decided not to renew Perry's contract. He last say would have been on June 30th.

"It was extremely disappointing for us. We've been fighting and protesting the decision by this board back in December not to renew his contract," Marshall says.

"Any action that we take is gonna be in the best interest of the kids and the community and it's unfortunate some people feel that there are some alterior motives involved," says board chairman Michael Busman.

Busman says though the board has had is share of problems, he doesn't believe there were any racial motivations behind the vote and members just thought it was time for a change.

"It wasn't a termination it was just a non-renewal. Obviously if you terminated somebody you'd have to give reasons and so on. He certainly did a lot of good things since he was here," Busman says.

"Why do you need a change when things are moving the right direction," Marshall says.

Marshall says even though Perry has resigned, the NAACP will continue to fight against what they call racial discrimination on the school board.

An interim superintendent has not yet been selected. The board will hold a special called meeting Thursday night to discuss personnel, but Busman did not say whether an interim superintendent will be selected at that time.

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