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City and county leaders speak out at capital

Valdosta - Valdosta and Lowndes County leaders are speaking their minds at the state capital. "There are many, many pieces of legislation introduced every year that affects the city and county positively or negatively and this is our opportunity to give them feedback on it," said Valdosta City Manager Larry Hanson.

It's the annual Bird Supper, a more than 50 year tradition that gives Georgia lawmakers the opportunity to learn a little about Lowndes County. "It's very important to help people like myself from the metropolitan area understand the needs and uniqueness of communities like Valdosta and Lowndes County," said Senator Johnny Isakson.

City and county leaders have many transportation improvements and other special projects on their needs list, and this is their chance to let the legislators know why we deserve the funding. "We have an overpass on West Hill Avenue that's slated to be funded over $6 million in 2007, the city's looking at one waying Ashley and Patterson which would require some intersection improvements along the way," said Hanson.

It's also a way to say thank you for the attention they've given to local projects in the past. "Such as projects that help Valdosta State and Valdosta Technical College grow, we also sometimes thank them for legislation that doesn't pass that might be detrimental to us," said Hanson.

The bird supper is a proven success, as we see more and more funding approved for our area. "When you see money flowing to South Georgia like our University has gotten, you can tell that we've been effective," said Rod Casey, County Commission Chairman.

And when the next time comes to vote on issues concerning our city and county, lawmakers will remember what they've learned and the relationships made at made at this event.

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