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College search easier for state students

Albany- As an Albany High School junior, Hannah Gibson already knows what she's looking for in a college.

"It needs to be a small college because I'm used to a small school ever since elementary school," she said.

Getting started isn't easy, even for high-achievers.

"There are so many choices and you have to take into account the money and all the qualifications."

But everything students have to think about is now under one web page at

"It's supposed to be a one-stop shopping for students and for parents," said Patty Akers, a counselor at Albany High School.

With a few clicks, students can apply to any in-state college, apply for federal financial aid and the Hope Scholarship, and get SAT preparation. It even allows school counselors to see how students are doing with their search.

"I can see have they really applied to this college, are they missing any pieces, is there anything I need to talk to them about," Akers said.

But before students can benefit, they have to log on.

"Because no matter how good it is, if they don't go online and us it won't do them any good."

"You can get everything done at once and that's the best way to do it," Gibson said.

The best way to stay a step ahead of a crucial step in life.

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