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Tornado drill prepares students

Albany - Students across the state are preparing for severe weather so if a tornado hits during the school day, they'll know what to do.

Around 9:30AM Wednesday, the tornado alarm rang through the halls of Dougherty County's Sherwood Acres Elementary. Students quickly walked to a designated spot in the hallway, sat down, and put their hands over their heads.

Teachers go over the evacuation plan with their students so if a real tornado hits, they'll know what to do without panicking.

"We want are children to be prepare and not panic," said Principal Eva Robinson. "We want our parents to be assured their children are as safe as possible"

"I don't know if it's real or a practice, but I'm prepared either way," said fifth grader Amber Young.

The students crouched silently in the hall for about 10 minutes before the drill ended. The drill was part of hazardous weather awareness week.

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