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Students celebrate American heroes

Lee County -- Lee County Primary School students waved flags and sang patriotic songs Wednesday afternoon. The teachers want the children to learn that great people are what has made America great.

A South Georgia Marine told the students that their "I Love America" program would make troops across the world proud. Several students dressed up like American Heroes. Chad Williams portrayed Thomas Edison. Williams said "He's the one who invented the light bulb."

Telling the stories of famous Americans and singing Patriotic songs, Lee County Primary students celebrated the United States of America. Assistant Principal Mary O'Hearn said"It's a wonderful place to live, and we just need our kids to know that and understand that."

Marine Lt. Kimberly Verhegge explained what the Pledge of Allegiance really meant, and why it is so important to men and women fighting across the world. "There are many individuals who have gone before those people who are serving with me now, so that we can have many of the rights that we have now, and all of the freedoms that we enjoy."

Today instead of the bad, the Kindergarten through second graders learned what is good about their country, and heroes who have built America into the land of the free.

 Williams said "We have a free state, and We get to go to school. And some places they don't have a free state, and they make you do whatever they want you to do."

 The 640 students brought in pictures of their heroes. They brought pictures of their parents, athletes, even their dogs. posted by