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Church draws a crowd with wild game

Valdosta-- If you'd like to sample exotic game like rattlesnake and bear, you'll get your chance this week. Morningside Baptist Church in Valdosta is hosting its annual Wild Game Supper, and this year's event promises to be the wildest yet.

The fellowship building at Morningside Baptist has been transformed into a jungle,filled with panthers, alligators, bears, and many more wild animals. "I think we counted 597 different kind of mounts in here," said organizer Gary Williams.

Taxidermists and hunters from all over the state have loaned out their prize mounts for the church's 9th annual Wild Game Supper. "This is an event for men and boys to present the gospel in a unique way, rather than a church setting that you see every Sunday," said Williams.

There are even some world records on display, as well as exotic species only found on other continents. "There's an area in the back that has some African mounts," said Williams.

Not only will you get to look at all different kinds of wild animals tonight, you'll also have the chance to see what they taste like. "We have elk and deer chili, cubed deer, alligator, frog legs, quail, fish," said organizer Beth Robertson.

You can also sample fried rattlesnake, bear, and smoked wild hog. Church members have been working for two weeks to prepare dozens of delicious wild game dishes, like homemade jambalaya. "Twenty-five gallons we'll be fixing at a time," said Robertson.

The church expects to feed almost 2,000 people in the next two nights. There are just a few tickets left for Tuesday and Wednesday night's suppers, and they can be purchased through the church office.

The guest speaker at this year's wild game supper will be David Miller, a handicapped hunter and evangelist from Arkansas.

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