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Many consider working in Iraq

Albany- Right now some Albany Tech students are checking engines for noise. "The program here is designed to give them the extra skill and knowledge that they need to get into the work force," says instructor Cliff Kyle.

They're learning all the basics needed for a successful career in automotive technology from under the hood to under the car. "There's a lot of need for technicians," says Kyle.

The eighteen-month course makes sure that students achieve their ultimate goal which student Brian Williams says is to, "basically get a decent job and support my family." And if a company by the name of KBR has its way, some of these graduates could be taking the skills they've learned in the classroom to check engines overseas.

"They have a number of jobs that they're looking for particularly electricians and mechanics," says Albany Career Center representative Norman Race. Albany's Career Center has agreed to help KBR, a division of the Haliburton Company, to recruit south Georgia for jobs in Iraq and elsewhere in the Middle East.

"Once I find out more about it, then who knows, maybe I will go for it," says student Jessie Chambers. And they're hoping more people are like Jessie, willing to give it a try. Particularly at a time when the number of skilled workers entering the work world outweigh the number of jobs.

The career center says there's an incentive to those who may be indecisive. "They do pay well yes but they are overseas that's one thing that people have to take into consideration when they're making a decision," says Race.

A decision that teacher Cliff Kyle views as a positive one. "If they're willing, if they're young and unmarried they can make a lot of money by going to the overseas jobs and they get to keep it all."

The career center will sponsor a mass recruitment on March 1st. Applicants are encouraged to bring resumes and be prepared for an interview on the spot.

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