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Child playing with heater burns down duplex

Albany -- Two family's homes were destroyed Sunday, when a child playing with a heater set a duplex on fire.

Fire Investigators say a three year old putting paper into a gas heater started the blaze at the duplex at 222 Cone Street about 7 Sunday morning. Her grandchildren woke up Mable Sweet, and they fled the burning house.

Mable Sweet said "Everything is messed up. We came out the door, ran out, we didn't have on our shoes. What will you do now? We are just going to have to do the best that we can. Just glad that my 8 year old woke us up so we could get out."

Sweet said her grandchildren had to stay home from school because they had no clothes to wear. She's staying with relatives,  and the Red Cross is assisting her family.

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