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Program offers probationers second chance

Tifton- The Department of Corrections is giving probation violators a second chance to get their lives back on track. Instead of being sent to jail, they'll live at home but report to a new day reporting center five days a week.

The center in Tifton is just one of four new pilot programs across the state and the only one in South Georgia. Probationers will report to the center Monday through Friday. They'll get job training, be able to take GED classes, and get help for substance abuse problems.

"A lot of prison beds are being taken up by people who are there primarily because they had substance abuse issues and what we're trying to do is divert those people from the prisons and save the beds for the people who really need to be there," says center administrator Ricky Bryan.

The office will serve around 75 probationers in the Tift Judicial Circuit. After nine months in the program the men and women will return to traditional probation. The center will hold its grand opening Thursday at 2 PM.

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