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Dougherty leaders vote down extra member for charter commission

February 21, 2005

Albany - Dougherty County commissioners voted against adding another person to the group who's writing the consolidation charter. Charter commission members asked city and county commissioners to allow them to add a ninth member, after complaints there were no women on the commission.

The charter commission suggested Louise Primrose, who served on the consolidation study committee. But in a 4-2 vote, county commissioners voted down a ninth member.

Brenda Robinson Cutler, the only female commissioner, was disappointed with the outcome. "The female voice makes up about 80% of the voting population. But so be it. It was voted down by the County, and I knew it was going to be voted down by the City as well. But, we're still going to go the charter commission, sit there, and see what's happening."

Robinson-Cutler said she couldn't serve on the charter commission because of health problems and other commitments.

The charter commission will work with a professional firm to write a proposed charter for a consolidated Albany-Dougherty county government.

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