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Albany has native art exclusive

< BODY> < P> < STRONG>Albany-- A train pulled into town Monday with some unusual cargo on board. It's loaded with art, and now may be the only chance you'll have to see it.

About 5:00 Monday afternoon, a ribbon cutting was held for Artrain, a traveling exhibit of contemporary Native American artwork. The Albany stop is the only scheduled stop in Georgia, and first stop in the Southeast ;

At first glance, this art gallery seems like many others, "71 works, 54 contemporary artists" says Tommy Gregors of the Thronateeska Heritage Museum.

But these pieces of art are on the fast track, moving all over the country by train. Gregors says, "Right now we're inside of Artrain USA Native Views exhibit. It just arrived this morning at Thronateeska, down at the heritage center."

The train, filled with Native American Contemporary artwork, seems to be a perfect fit at Thronateeska. "The Native American theme, fits very well with what we do here at Thronateeska, with our train depot, we have a native American collection and also a model railroad exhibit that we're going to open all week with the arrival of Artrain," Gregors says.

Artrain is constantly on the move, traveling all over the country, "It's been a very good reaction. Most people kind of expect a traditional art museum, but with the contemporary theme, it kind of pushes the limit, and gets people thinking more modern," says Chris Talluto of Artrain USA.

Bringing contemporary works to people who aren't typically exposed to art. "That is our mission, to go to small towns that don't have access to museums, so we bring the museum to you,” says Talluto.

The Artrain exhibit is open to the public this week between 1:00PM and 4:00 PM. Tickets are $4.25 for adults and $3.25 for children.

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