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Church built Extreme Makeover style


Albany- It's an extreme church makeover, Albany style. Three congregations of Jehovah's witnesses are working to build a new kingdom hall in just a few weekends.

"We sold our building on Martin Luther King probably a year and a half ago, we've been meeting in two kingdom halls since that time, so we needed, a little more room," said Steve Dyes, project manager.

Work to prepare the site started in November, but in just one month's time they're almost done.

"The actual construction of this building, from the foundation to where you see it now took place over a four week period, and when I say four week's I'm talking weekends, not the full week," said Dr. Ed Green, a volunteer.

Many volunteers are doing many different jobs.

"I've had everything from a pick ax, to a hammer to a paint brush and a saw, we're very useful around here," said Green.

All of this quick work is possible due to a hundreds of volunteers.

"It's a tremendous sense of accomplishment to take people, a majority of which have no who have no real skills, they're not craftsman, and put them together, team them with the right folk and come up with a facility like this, I think it's great," said Green.

In the last two days, these crews have installed 390 bushes, 10 trees, and 40 pallets of sod and in the end their volunteer efforts, priceless.

"That's awesome to be able to see just going from dirt to a result that is a beautiful place of worship," said Dyes.

Crews arrive as early as seven a.m. and are here sometimes until ten at night, and say they don't fear the hard work.

"We have a camaraderie, a brotherhood here, and we just enjoy working with each other," said Dell Coffey, a volunteer.

"It takes a lot of work, but in the end you have something to be proud of," said Dyes.

While most of these seats remain empty now, they hope starting March first the auditorium will be full of worshipers.

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