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Officer's family speaks out on teen shooting


Leesburg- It's been an emotional and difficult week for Sergeant Sandra Pressley Fordham and her family, but her sisters are there for her.

Neither Captain Donnie Spillers nor Sergeant Sandra Pressley Fordham can talk about what happened or the investigation. Sergeant Pressley Fordham's family says they have received a lot of support from the community for the officers.

The family of eight, six sisters and two brothers say they too are having a hard time dealing with the shooting death of Wesley Beaver, since they know and work with members of the Beaver family.

"We're all family and we're all heartbroken, and we just want everybody to know that we're praying for him and we're just trying to support everyone in this," said Beverly Pressley, Sergeant Pressley Fordham's sister

"We're praying for you and that we are just terribly, terribly sorry for your loss, and just know that our hearts go out to them," said Peggy Hall, another sister.

"We're all just very close and I know that we wouldn't know what to do if we had lost Sandra, so we know what they're going through too," said Pressley.

Sandra went back to work Thursday night and her family is concerned about her safety.

"We understand the grief, we understand some of the lashing out, but the threats, or the young children, or young teenagers throwing their hands up as she drives by last night, her first night on duty, saying 'don't shoot me', 'don't shoot me', I just cried," said Hall.

In the end, the family says they want answers, just as badly as the Beaver family.

"They're angry and they want answers, and they will get their answers very soon, and there's some answers that we would like to know," said Pressley.

GBI is continuing their investigation of the shooting.

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