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Suspected thief leads police on chase

Dougherty County-- A wanted man leads police on a chase through Albany and shoots at officers along the way. He shot at two police cars, but luckily no one was hit.

It was off Blue Springs Road that police finally caught Bobby Coe. Dougherty County Police officers jumped an electric fence in front of Ms. Carter's house, and asked her to open her gate so they could get in.

Police weren't surprised by this chase, because Coe had let people know that he didn't plan to be taken alive.

Dougherty County Police Chief Don Cheek examines the car that was shot, at and talks with the officer who is out of breath from the chase. "We've got a bunch of them out of breath," said the Chief. "They've been chasing him through the woods. This was a fairly extended vehicle chase."

It started when a DCP officer tried to pull over Bobby Calvin Coe, who was wanted for felony theft. "One of our units spotted the vehicle, tried to stop him and he took off and ran," said the Chief.

Coe led police down Westover Boulevard in a black Ford F-150. "He shot at, we know of, at least two marked police units he fired at. We haven't determined whether any of them were actually hit."

He got out of the truck on Lily Pond Road and took off into the woods. He came out at Blue Springs Road, coming out of the woods behind this house.

Donnell Davis saw the whole thing. "Then I looked to the left around here and then I saw them surround the young man and put hand cuffs on him."

Now Coe is off the streets and behind bars. "There were indications that he has a violent tendency, and this bares it out," said Chief Cheek.

Along the with felony theft charges he already faced, he's now charged with aggravated assault of police officers. Police are still looking for the pistol Coe had when he got out of his truck.

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