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Unsafe car seats destroyed

Albany -- Unsafe Child safety seats are destroyed to make sure they are not used again.

Albany firefighters use the "jaws of life" cutter to destroy the worn car seats, before they are thrown in the dump. This makes sure they are never used again.

These child seats were seized at traffic stops. Their owners were given brand new car seats by Albany Safe Communities, to make the children that ride in them are protected.

The intense heat in your car breaks down the plastic seats. Albany Safe Communities coordinator Michele DeMott said "The plastic will actually start to degrade and erode, and cause micro cracks. Which you and I might not be able to see, but in the event of a crash could cause the seat to fail."

Car seats have a recommended life of five years, and should never be used if they are involved in a crash.

The firefighters volunteer to cut up the seats, for practice time they must do with the jaws of life each month.

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