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Inspection tests Airmen's war skills

Lowndes County - An Airman was just shot in the chest and there are no medics around to help. "When you're in a combat situation, you never know when someone's going to get injured," said Captain Erin Dick.

His life is in his fellow Airmen's hands. "You may not have a first aid kit so basically they teach you to improvise and use what you have," said Dick.

Luckily, this is just training but its a perfect example of what these airmen could face in a war zone. Next month, their skills will be tested to make sure they're ready to face anything. "A series of inspectors from Hurlbert Field AF Special Operations Company will be coming up and spending about two weeks with us to test those capabilities," said Dick.

The Airmen will be put in various scenarios and graded on how well they handle things. "Maybe it will be a chemical attack, protest, or war casualties," said Dick.

This training is vital in making sure they pass the test. "The thing with war is you never know what to expect so the key to survival and winning is to make sure you're ready for whatever the enemy throws you way," said Dick.

They hope they'll never have to put this training into action. "You hope that none of your comrades will be injured and you won't have to deal with chemical attacks," said Dick.

But if they are faced with a deadly situation, they'll be ready.

The Operations Readiness Inspection is set for March 5 through 15.

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