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National Guard center for family assistance

Albany-  While south Georgia Citizen Soldiers are training at Fort Stewart to fight in Iraq, their families are facing everyday issues without them.

Vanna Corderman is a week away from marrying a citizen soldier. Her fiance' refused to go oversees without a wedding ring.

"Whether something happens to him or not when he goes over there, he would regret not marrying me before he left," she said.

Now the spouses and families left here are finding out who they can turn to for help while their loved ones are gone.

"The only thing that you can really be sure of is the unexpected can happen," said Melissa Dalton, the Family Assistance Center Coordinator.

When it does, the Family Assistance Center is the resource to just about anything they might need. Whether it's questions about medical insurance or education.

"Or the stove's gone out or a pipe's busted because the weather got too cold or the air conditioning went out were in mid-summer," Dalton said. "They can call us and we can act as a resource person there and give them people that's not going to take advantage of these families."

Regardless of how well these families planned, problems will pop up.

"I don't think it would be smart to let it all come down on you at once," said Corderman.

Wise advice from a soon-to-be newlywed wife.

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