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Big boost for old S. Ga. homes

Thomasville- The revitalization project is part of a program by Thomasville Landmarks, the local historical preservation society.

     Volunteers are revitalizing homes for people with low or fixed incomes, disabled people, and seniors. They're sawing, prying, and hammering away to help fix homes that haven't been worked on in decades. "It's like opening up a book. You start to read a good book, you flip a page, and you want to know more and more about it," says volunteer Wilbur Speights.

     The program is for people who can't afford the work on their own, or are disabled or elderly. People like Natlean Trice, who has been in her house since 1968. 15:18:24 "They're going to fix the doors, and some of the windows, and probably some of the inside," she says.

     The volunteers are working to help energize these homeowners' sense of improvement, pride, and accomplishment. "It'll make you feel better because it's so pretty when they get through with it," says Trice.

     The outside of some of these homes haven't been worked on in half a century. That's why crews are replacing entire sections of siding, putting themselves into it tooth and nail. "The more I get into it, the more I want to do," says Speights. That's definitely not a problem. Landmarks' Programs Director Eryn Calabro says she's looking for dozens of more volunteers. "They probably do 90 percent of the work in terms of painting, priming, and caulking the homes."

     Thomasville Landmarks needs about 200 volunteers to help out on March 12th, 18th, and 19th. If you're interested call 229-226-6016

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