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Malphus-McKinney is MOTY

by Amanda Fitzpatrick

Albany-- A surprise announcement made to one unsuspecting mother has made Mothers Day in February. The Women's Auxiliary Club announced this year's Mother of The Year.

Marilyn Malphus-McKinney was awarded the honor while her daughter and husband looked on. The Woman’s Club listed her achievements within the organization and her efforts in the community.

The honor was a surprise and caught its honoree off guard. “I had no idea, when I was listening to her I thought, ooh that could, I fit those things,” said Malphus-McKinney. “But I really didn’t know until she got to the very end of the then I thought-- I believe it's me."

Mrs. McKinney is president of the YMCA board, is active in the United Way, Darton College and her church. The Mother Of The Year Program began in 1976.

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