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Friends remember Wesley Beaver

Albany- The news of Wesley Beaver's death traveled quickly, to his friends.

"Somebody called me at school, and I just cried and I kept crying, and then the next day I went back to school and people kept talking about it and talking about it and talked about what they didn't know and it just made me cry even more," exclaimed Melissa Carroll, a friends of Beaver's.

Fourteen-year-old Heather Padgett and 15-year-old Melissa Carroll were good friends with Wesley Beaver. They spent time hanging out, playing pool, or just sitting and talking. Wednesday, they made a trip to the Albany Mall to remember their friend in their own way.

Both say they don't believe Beaver would have been involved in the burglary at the Lee County pawn shop.

"I don't believe that he would ever do something like that, or even have a weapon on him, and I think there's a story that someone's not telling,and it breaks my heart that he got shot for no reason," said Carroll.

"Yeah, I was, because everybody was talking about how he would rob somewhere and how he did this and I didn't believe any of it because he had a job and he had his own money," said Padgett.

The girls decided to have T-shirts made to remember Beaver.

"He loved to play pool, everyday, he would go to Breaktime, there wasn't a day he wasn't at Breaktime, and he would always play pool so we figured that we would put one of his favorite things to do on our T-shirts," said Padgett.

The girls plan to wear the shirt at Breaktime on Friday, but they say it's the memories of their everyday activities that they will keep with them forever.

"One night we were really hungry, so we went to Krystal's, and we parked across the road and he was eating his fries, and he was talking about how nasty they were, so we drove all the way back to Krystal's and went through the drive-thru just to get some salt for them," said Carroll.

The girls say, Beaver was well known and well liked and they expect a large turnout for his memorial service.

"Everybody knew him, I think he was one of the best well-known people that I knew, because, you've got people from every county, that know him, that were friends with him, that are going to the funeral tomorrow," said Padgett.

Friends say they are trying to put together a concert, with several bands to remember their friend.

Memorial services for Wesley Beaver are planned for noon Thursday at First Assembly of God Church.

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