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Moultrie crime on the rise?

Moultrie - Darby Norman is a Pharmacist on the West side of Moultrie. She says, "We've had more crimes over here this month. We've had some break ins at our other store, so that's why we put up more security at this pharmacy."

There has been a rash of burglaries and break ins in all over town, but it's the shootings that have Darby concerned. "Three shootings in a month is pretty bad for our community," says Darby, "because I feel like our community is a close community."

The first happened one month ago Wednesday, when Eric Alderman was shot to death on 5th Avenue Southwest. Then on February third, a Hispanic man was shot in a home invasion, and just three days ago, another man was shot while in the bruster's parking lot.

Sgt. Roger Lindsay says, "This time of the year during the holiday season, that's about average, but I don't think we have any more than the surrounding areas."

Even so, the Moultrie police department recently implemented neighborhood watch to cut down on crimes like these. Lindsay says people should be, "active in your community. Your neighbors watching out for neighbors and you being as an individual watching out for yourself and your neighbors."

And that's what Darby and her coworkers have done. At West side pharmacy, they've taken extra safety precautions like having metal shutters come down over the windows and doors after the store closes.

And Sgt. Lindsay hopes by citizens being more aware of what's going on in the community, crimes will be on the decline. He says, "I think we should be getting more calls into this program as neighbors watching out for each other." As police watch out for the community as a whole.

An arrest was made in the murder of Eric Alderman, but police have no suspects in the other two shootings.

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