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GBI releases Beaver autopsy

Lee County-- Seventeen-year-old Wesley Beaver's autopsy was performed by state medical examiners Wednesday.

Investigators say the results confirm that he was killed by a single gun shot wound to the head, fired from the gun of a Lee County deputy, still they aren't saying much else.

It's been three days since Wesley Beaver was shot and preliminary autopsy results confirm what GBI agents suspected. "The autopsy was completed today on Mr. Beaver. Preliminary autopsy results state that Mr. Beaver died of a single gun shot would to the head," says GBI Agent Danny Jackson.

That fatal shot was fired by Lee County Sheriff's Deputy Captain Donnie Spillers. Special agent Danny Jackson says autopsy results did not show whether Beaver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. That information will be listed on a toxicology report. Jackson also declined to comment on exactly where in the head the bullet struck the teen.

Two Lee County deputies responding to a burglary alarm late Sunday night spotted his truck leaving the same area. They pulled him over on U. S. Highway 19 and moments later he was shot.

"Do you think he may have been working with an accomplice in the burglary?" we asked Jackson.

"All that is still under investigation we're still running down numerous leads, and doing investigative acts, so all of that's still under investigation at this time," Jackson says.

An investigaton that agents say could take weeks to complete.

Meanwhile, Captain Spillers remains on Administrative leave. A memorial service for Beaver will be held at noon tomorrow at First Assembly of God church in Albany.

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