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Bringing advocacy to the disabled

February 16, 2005

Bainbridge- BAIN, the Bainbridge Advocacy Individual Network, was founded when its director realized disabled people in our region don't have the same resources as in big cities.

     Being dually diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, advocacy for the disabled hits home for Virginia Harris. That's exactly why she founded BAIN. She took on the challenge of brining disabled services to a region that was short on them. "There were no resources that were here, they were limited. And they were not designed for people with disabilities," says Harris.

     But now, with BAIN helping disabled people in 11 Southwest Georgia counties, they have someone on their side. "Our major program is home modification. That's where we build the ramps, we install grab bars," says Harris. The non-profit group also helps teach disabled people independent living skills and offers them a drastically discounted eyeglass program. After all, equipment to improve a disabled person's quality of life is expensive. "A hundred dollars to a person on a fixed income is a lot of money," says Harris.

     BAIN also helps fulfill something in Harris' life, something that she passes on, to everyone who passes through her office. "Independence is the way," says Harris.

     Not only does BAIN get out into the field to help disabled people, they often get something in return. Everyone who works at their office has a disability, including employees who are visually and hearing impaired.

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