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Grief causes many Officers to quit

February 16, 2005

Albany -- Experts say many officers quit their jobs after killing someone while in the line of duty.

 Grief is a serious illness that strongly impacts officers like Lee County Captain Donnie Spillers, when they take a life on the job.

Lindon Storm, the licensed clinical social worker who counsels Albany and Dougherty County Police officers, says officers involved in fatal shootings often leave law enforcement. Storm said "They sometimes think of a way to move beyond law enforcement as a career. One that they loved yesterday. Now all of the sudden today has become a bigger burden than they have ever imagined."

 Storm says most Police Officers suffer chest pains and lost sleep after a fatal shooting, reliving the incident over and over.

Storm said officers who kill in most obvious self defense or wound a person, do not generally suffer as traumatic an impact of grief.

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