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Dark tinted car windows could soon be illegal again

February 16, 2005

Albany --Dark tinted car windows could soon be illegal in Georgia once again. The Georgia House approved a bill Wednesday to revive an old law putting a limit on front window tinting.

Gary Inlow of Albany Window Tinting puts the polyester film on a cars window. It is darker than the tinting limit the Georgia House approved, but the owner wanted it even after being warned. Inlow said "most young people want it as dark as you can get it. Older people do it more just for the heat."

Police Officers want limits on window tinting, so that they can see into cars when they approach them. Lt. Tracey Barnes of the Albany Police said "as an officer gets close and being able to look into the green space of the vehicle. Being actually able to see what's going on, if there are any kind of movements that could jeopardize his safety."

The Georgia Supreme Court threw out the old tinting law a year and a half ago, because it applied to only Georgia drivers. The new law would apply to all drivers on Georgia roads.

Inlow has applied darker tint to windows during the law's interim, even though he warned owners that the new law could make them illegal. Inlow said "I think a lot of them will wait and see if they get stopped. That's generally the way it works."

The new house bill would restore the 1990 tinting limit of no more than 32 percent tinted. It applies to all windows and windshields in passenger cars, but only the front windshield and front windows in s.u.v.'s and mini-vans.

 The tinting bill now heads to the state senate. Motorist violating the law would face a misdemeanor maximum punishment of one thousand dollar fine and up to 12 months in prison if ticketed.

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