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How high will gas go?

Albany -- Gas prices are expected to soar to record highs this summer. Energy department officials forecast the cost of gas will spike over the next few months, exceeding last summer's record high prices of $2.06 a gallon for regular.

D's Food Taxi, in Albany, delivers food for ten restaurants. Owner Daniel Evans says if gas prices keep going up, he'll be forced to raise delivery prices or the drivers will suffer.

"On a busy day, drivers usually drive anywhere from 100 to 200 miles. You're talking about a whole tank of gas. They're working on minimum wage plus tips, so it effects the drivers greatly."

Gas prices typically go up in the summer because of increase demand by vacationers. And, experts say high crude oil prices and the uncertainty about oil and gas supplies will also cause the spike in prices.

Right now, the national average for regular is $1.90 a gallon and about $1.75 here in Albany, that's up about 25 cents from this time last year.

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