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Statue of justice stands tall

Albany - One of the final touches is being added to Albany's new Law Enforcement Center to get it ready to open. The front of the building will be marked with a statue that honors law enforcement.

The Atlanta sculptor is here overseeing the process of erecting the 14 foot tall, 1,000 pound statue. The design is secret until the day the building officially opens.

After working on it for more than 3 months, Sculptor David Landis says he's just glad to see it going up.

"Just getting it here and having the crane pick it up and it's flying through the air, and all this stuff goes through your head and you didn't sleep last night, so finally, it's here and it's ready."

Landis did say he centered the idea for the statue around an eagle. The building is expected to open in about 6 weeks. There have been delays because of construction problems and bad weather.